General courses

New Directions
You may be just starting out on your artistic journey or you may be experienced and wish to have this opportunity to diversify your work and broaden your skills in the visual arts. Whatever your experience, regardless of age, gender and origin, we will be offering you sensitive and caring teaching both in and out of the studio.
The teaching language is English.

The Courses
Our courses are of varying lengths and are structured specifically to offer you, whatever your experience, the opportunity to develop and re-evaluate your visual awareness.

– ‘we only truly see when we understand’. John Constable. British,

The teaching emphasis will be on the development of observational drawing and painting skills using diverse media: Ink, charcoal, soft pastels, oil pastels, tempera, acrylic, watercolour, and various collage materials.
3D applications may include: Ceramic modelling, ‘objet trouve’ construction, papier-mache.

These courses will run from April-October. The content and timing can be designed to suit your needs. Your stay on Crete may be brief or you may wish to study with us for a longer period. You are welcome for as long as you like!

Essential equipment and start up materials will be provided.

We welcome people from all parts of the world and are eager to advance and promote intercultural dialogue through the Visual Arts.

The Island of Crete
The largest and most southerly of the Greek Islands, Crete is certainly the most diverse and arguably the most beautiful. Historically it has always been a hub in the eastern Mediterranean, where east and west are plaited together. The ancient Minoan civilisation and subsequent Venetian and Ottoman occupations are all visible in the architecture here, combined with a heady mixture of friendly Cretan hospitality, good food, the bluest of seas and a lovely climate.

We look forward to your email – and perhaps to welcoming you to Crete!


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