School group courses

We are well qualified, highly experienced teachers and examiners, as well as practising artists.  Through wide experience of teaching in International Schools, we are familiar with the entry requirements for Foundation and Honours Degree courses at Universities worldwide.  Over the years our students have gained entry to some of the most prestigious institutions.  Our reputation has been built not only on academic achievement but on a sensitive awareness of the needs of individual students and their pastoral care.
The teaching language is English.

Portfolio Development
You may already be studying or planning to study Art and Design at Advanced, IB Diploma or  High School Diploma level and want to go on to Art School.  You want to strengthen and broaden your portfolio in preparation for your course assessments and to embark on a dedicated pursuit in the Visual Arts.  Through practical studio work and exposure to the rich visual stimuli of Crete, we will help you to explore and develop your skills, enabling you to produce an excellent portfolio.

New Directions
You may not presently be studying Art and Design at school but would welcome an opportunity to develop your interest and skills in the Visual Arts.  Perhaps you didn’t take GCSE but would now like to study Visual Art at IB Diploma level.  Our course will help to prepare you for this.

The Courses
Our courses are designed specifically to offer you continuity through structured studio and outdoor work with relevant contextual investigation.  The teaching emphasis will be on the development of observational drawing and painting skills with mixed media applications. We aim to encourage and facilitate your personal responses and to heighten your visual awareness.
Courses lasting one week will run throughout the year, often coinciding, in part, with your school holidays.  (Whenever you come, you will be accompanied by your teachers).   Essential equipment and start up materials will be provided.

We are registering students from different parts of the world to advance and promote intercultural dialogue through the Visual Arts.

The Island of Crete
The largest and most southerly of the Greek Islands, Crete is certainly the most diverse and arguably the most beautiful. Historically it has always been a hub in the eastern Mediterranean, where east and west are plaited together.  The ancient Minoan civilisation and subsequent Venetian and Ottoman occupations are all visible in the architecture here, combined with a heady mixture of friendly hospitality, good food, the bluest of seas and a lovely climate.
Interested? If you are interested, please discuss the idea with your Art teacher, who might be available to lead a group from your school.  Alternatively you may seek to come in combination with another school.

We look forward to your email – and perhaps to welcoming you to Crete!


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