Teacher courses

To Teachers
We are offering courses to teachers of the Visual Arts to help reinforce their own creative practice; often neglected in the day to day commitments of school.  These courses will primarily focus on the rediscovery of the individual creative process, which will undoubtedly enhance teaching practice on return to the school studio.
From personal experience as Secondary School teachers, we recognise the need for a balance that nurtures our own creativity if we are to hope to teach others creatively.  In the competition to achieve the best grades and the most prestigious University places for school students, this is often ignored and our teaching suffers.
In the belief that it is sometimes necessary to take a step back from day to day routine in order to refresh ideas, we would like to welcome teachers to this culturally rich and stimulating environment.
The teaching language is English.

The Courses
The course duration is normally one week, (although this can be flexible).
It offers stimulating and challenging starting points as well as the time to pursue individual work.  It includes some formal tutoring in the studio, field trips and lectures, and can be tailored to suit individual and group requirements.
The teaching emphasis will be on exploring skills using mixed media and encouraging a personal response to the culturally rich local environment.

Courses lasting one week will run during March – October to coincide with your holidays. We realise it may be difficult to persuade your SMT to give you a whole week off school!  (Although of course, you are welcome to stay for as long as you like).
Essential equipment and start up materials will be provided.

We are welcoming teachers from different parts of the world to advance and promote intercultural dialogue through the Visual Arts.

The Island of Crete
The largest and most southerly of the Greek Islands, Crete is certainly the most diverse and arguably the most beautiful. Historically it has always been a hub in the eastern Mediterranean, where east and west are plaited together.  The ancient Minoan civilisation and subsequent Venetian and Ottoman occupations are all visible in the architecture here, combined with a heady mixture of friendly hospitality, good food, the bluest of seas and a lovely climate.

We look forward to your email – and perhaps to welcoming you to Crete!

As principal tutors, Tim Saville and Janice Hunter are well qualified, highly experienced and successful teachers, (GCSE, A level, IB Diploma), examiners, teachers of adult education, and practising artists whose home is on Crete.
Through wide experience of teaching in both UK and International Schools, they are familiar with the entry requirements for Foundation and Honours Degree courses at Universities worldwide.  Over the years their students have gained entry to some of the most prestigious institutions.  Their reputation has been built not only on academic achievement but on a sensitive awareness of the needs of individual students.

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